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We install new boilers in residential and commercial buildings


Super Flush install hot water cylinders in domestic and commercial properties in Dublin and throughout Leinster. All our hot water cylinders come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

All our installations come complete with new immersion and time switches to allow customers to set automatic time slots for heating their cylinders.

We aim to provide customers with a professional installation service at affordable prices. Whether you are replacing an existing boiler or moving into a new build, our team of experienced heating technicians are here to help.

Get in touch with us to organise a consultation at your Leinster property

Types Of Hot Water Cylinders


This stainless steel hot water cylinder can be sited almost anywhere and helps keep water hotter for longer and recovers quicker than a copper system.

Open vented:

Typically placed in a loft area and relies on gravity to bring cold water from the mains and stores to feed the hot water cylinder. Made of copper and is usually associated with a conventional heating system.


Water is heated by an internal element or immersion heater. This is an electric only option as heat is not generated by an external source such as a boiler.


Heat is generated by an external source through a coil, such as a boiler. Immersion heaters may be used as supplementary heat sources. Indirect cylinders are available in both vented and unvented models.


Designed specifically for solar heating installations. Heat is transferred to the stored water through an internal coil and then hot water is produced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a hot water cylinder replacement cost in Ireland?

The cost of replacing hot water cylinders in your property will depend on several factors including your location and the type of hot water cylinder you require. Get in touch with our team today for accurate pricing.

What brands do you stock?

Our product selection includes brands such as Joule, Gledhill and many more. Contact our team today to learn more about our range of available products and accessories.

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