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Super Flush provide a specialist power flushing Dublin service to commercial and domestic clients throughout the capital. Our services are also available to customers across Leinster.

Central heating systems, including boilers, pipes and radiators, are all susceptible to corrosion without proper maintenance from a skilled technician. By draining and cleansing your heating system, we can ensure it operates efficiently.

Indicators you may require a power flushing Dublin service include:

Boiler is cutting out
Cold spots in radiators
Dirty brown or black water is visible when bleeding radiators
Fluctuation in temperature of hot water due to blocked heat exchangers and pipes
Inability to control the temperature of radiators
Loud banging noises from the boiler
Noisy pipes

Power flushing forcibly cleanses your heating system by using chemicals and water at high velocity without causing damage to the system. Following drainage, fresh water and heavy duty cleansing chemicals are introduced into central heating units.

All radiators are cleansed until they are clean and all sludge is removed. Anti-freeze and inhibitor is then added to heating systems to stop any further corrosion once all radiators, pipes and boilers are treated.

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Benefits Of Power Flushing

Extend the lifespan of heating systems
Heating systems will become more efficient
Reduce noise from boilers and radiators
Heating systems will be protected against corrosion
Reduce chances of boiler breakdown
Reduced energy bills

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a service in power flushing near me. What is your catchment area?

Super Flush offer a professional power flushing service in Dublin and throughout Leinster. Contact our team today to organise a call-out to your domestic or commercial property.

How long will a power flushing Dublin service take to complete?

Our technicians typically complete a job over the course of two days. The length of time needed for power flushing will depend on your system's size and condition.

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